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About Us

Winckie Worldwide  is a business to consumer platform, that focuses on eCommerce. Winckie was founded in 2012, as an understanding emerged that consumers were looking to purchase products online more and more. Since then leading global brands and manufacturers have recognized the importance of our strong local sales and marketing team to develop their online European businesses.

Winckie offers several services that are looking to connect businesses with (new) consumers using internet. To establish a good relation with the consumer, Winckie focusses on the best experience for the consumer and is always looking to improve its services. We are always looking how innovation can take our clients forward. Our goal is to turn happy consumers into returning costumers.

For credit card inquiries, please click here.


Winckie Worldwide offers the following services and solutions:

  •  Integrated Solution: fully integrated multi-store environment with custom design store fronts
  •  Content: centrally stored and managed content  with online stock availability
  •  Fullfilment: ship to consumers throughout Europe from one central location
  •  Marketing: support your product sales with great SEO, Email Marketing, Google Adwords etc.
  •  Payments: accept payments from all major credit cards and direct bank transfers
  •  Add Value:  personalize or giftwrap your shipments; anything is possible
  •  Service: use our multilingual helpdesk for customer contacts, returns and warranty processing

Winckie offers two types of shops: consumer shops and employee shops. Winckie manages several consumer shops for A-brands. To promote these eCommerces, Winckie uses SEO optimization and social media.

Employee shops that are managed by Winckie are state of the art. These  online portals offer Single Sign-On login, benefits for employees and also logistic efficiency.

Debit and Credit Card Inquiry

Winckie operates many on-line stores and your purchases in these stores will show up on your credit card statement as “Winckie Worldwide “. If you have a charge like this on your statement you likely made a purchase in one of our on-line stores listed below. If after reviewing these sites your charge still does not make sense to you, we encourage you to call our customer service department at +31 85 27 333 40 and we will gladly get you your order information.


Everdenberg 7A
4902 TT  Oosterhout
The Netherlands

T: +31 85 27 333 40
F: +31 85 273 3343